How do I override the default security settings?

Posted by Jonh Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Your security settings can be individuals or groups of users more or less restrictions than the default settings. To override the default settings, follow these steps:

1. Create a new item in the Outlook Security Settings folder.
2. Outlook security form in the Outlook Security Settings tab, which Figure 1 shows, select group of security settings unusual choice.
3. To provide security group name.
4. Members text box, enter the name, separated by a semicolon, individual users, the Group will apply the settings. Did not provide the form of a button, let you choose the name from the Global Address Book (GAL); You must enter their own.
5. Press Ctrl + K, to resolve the name. If there is any name still does not have a prominent, which means that Outlook can not resolve the name. Check your spelling, and then press CTRL + K, and then try again to resolve.
6. Select your choice of two forms. See the readme file. txt files, a detailed understanding of each set.
7. Closed form, and select when Outlook is asked to save your changes.

You can not use distribution lists (racemic), in order to simplify the establishment of a member in step 4. Outlook E-mail Security Update does not resolve the members of the DL. Therefore, you must enter each user name.

In addition, you must be a member to take care of each user, there is only one Outlook security group, in other words, users seem to only one item in the Outlook Security Settings folder. If the user includes more than one group, the latest security settings to preserve a popular, and Outlook ignore any other person. Outlook E-mail Security Update will not check to see whether a user of Outlook included in the additional security group.

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